Thermal Shift Data Analysis

Hello everybody,
I’m totally new to KNIME and was trying to use the existing “Thermal Shift Data Analysis” workflow by Errol L.G. Samuel, Secondra L. Holmes, Damian W. Young. I followed the workflow instruction using the provided model data, but at one point (7 Fit Curves) I got an error:

ERROR Dose Response (R) 4:204:0:261 Configuration failed (ForbiddenClassException): de.mpicbg.knime.scripting.core.rgg.wizard.ScriptTemplate

Could someone help me to solve this problem?


Welcome to the forum @w_hutwelker, and thanks for the interest in our paper.

Have you installed RServe? If so, did you start RServe before starting the workflow?

Hello @elsamuel,
Thanks for the answer.
Yes I did and I also started Rserve as described before starting the workflow. Today I tried again and also reinstalled R and Rserve but I still get the error.

@w_hutwelker maybe you can tell us more about your use case and setup. Maybe even share an example that one might be able to work on.

You could maybe try and setup R with the help of conda so you could share sour setup with the Conda Environment propagation.

@w_hutwelker did you check all these hints to set up R for this sort of analysis?

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