Time Serie´s Stacked Chart + single dates events

Hi there! I need to analyze a time series chart and I want to superimpose some single date events. I want to have something like the attached file, but I have no clue how to get this. Hope someone can helps, or at least guide me in the right direction. Regards, M.


Hi there @MPBotti,

looking for stacked area chart? You can either use “regular” JavaScript Stacked Area Chart or one from Plotly.js library - Stacked Area Chart (Plotly).



I will try to do this with Python node … Look at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11067368/annotate-time-series-plot-in-matplotlib

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Thanks a lot ipazin…

Thanks a lot andrejz. My knowlege of python is very limited, but I´ll give it a try…


To start here is an example on which you can work Stackplot with annotation.knwf (7.6 KB)

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Many thanks @andrejz and @ipazin for the help. I´ve updated the db file in order to resemble the one I´m using. btw @andrejz, your workflow is working fine in my workspace. I have no chrome driver error…Stackplot with annotation v2.knwf (12.9 KB)

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