Troubleshooting. Database Connector (Legacy) for Oracle works, new Oracle Connector doesn't.


I’ve been scratching my head trying to solve this. I can connect to my oracle database utilizing the legacy Database connector, but when I attempt to use the new Oracle Connector I get:

ORA-12514, TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor.

My hostname/port/login credentials are identical for both nodes. But, cannot use the new Oracle connector. Any ideas?


Hi John,
currently the node uses a fixed JDBC URL schema which is:
If you need to use another URL schema e.g. another driver type then you need to use the generic DB Connector node with Oracle as database type and database dialect.
We are working right now on an update of the framework which will allow you to specify the JDBC schema when you register the driver. The connector nodes will then use the URL template e.g. jdbc:oracle:oci8:@\<host>:\<port>/\<database> that you can specify when you register a driver (see below).


Greetings Tobias,

That works! :slight_smile: Thank you.


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