Twitter API connector and search Node


I have a problem with twitter API connector. I configure consumer, secret key, and token access key, then I connect this node to twitter search but it gives me an authentication error.

Would you please help me to connect.

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The error screenshot is attached. 

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I have the same problem, I’m trying to use the twitter data collector from the examples database and the consumer key and access token aren’t working (though I regenerated consumer key and access token a couple times), It says “code - 89” in the console.

Possible solutions to error code 32 that I found:

  • Make sure that you are using the correct Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret
  • Check that you have given the necessary read/write permission
  • Regenerating the Consumer Key and Access Token
  • Making sure that the clock and timezone of the PC are correct

Error code 89 seems to suggest that the format of the keys/secrets is not correct.
I noticed that the Access Token is shown to me in 2 lines. Both of these lines are required (without the newline in between). It should look something like this: 1234567890-a5KjnF94dJcv03Nfkv834kKenNc042Jsncz0Low


Wow. This totally solved my problem. Thank you!!

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Those conclusions would be consistent with those indicated at (posting this mainly for reference for anyone else coming to this page with Twitter API / KNIME problems)


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