UI pixelated


the UI is pixelated, see Windows Title (green - OK) and the rest (red - NOK).

What can I do, to get the whole UI with quality like the Windows title ?

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On 4K monitors with 250% scaling

With settings

is better, but the icons for opening of folders are not active any more (openning with double click still works) and the node fonts are still pixelated

Any ideas ?

Thanks Michel

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Hi @Michel777 and welcome to the KNIME Forum!

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I don’t have such a high-resolution monitor and cannot reproduce your issue at the moment. Meanwhile, have you had a look at the modern UI? We worked on a bunch of UI improvements in the last months, solving many issues like yours and adding new functionalities. You can give it a try by

Since the Modern UI is actively under development, any further feedback is much appreciated and will be collected in this forum thread.


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Hi @emilio_s ,

thanks a lot for your answer ! I tried with "Open KNIME Modern UI”, but is didn’t help.

Warm gerads,


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