Unable to install KNIME extensions from zip

I saw this similar (closed) thread and a couple others but they all end the same way (“success!”), my attempts do not :cry:.

I do all the steps (including invoking a higher power :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), and I’m still stuck.

When I click File - Install KNIME Extensions nothing happens. There’s no progress bar in the lower right of the KNIME window, no pop-up, no new window. Bupkis.

I tried unzipping each of the three zips (updates, community, and partners) into their own subfolders and pointing the “Available Software Sites” to the extracted content.jar files, and unchecked all the URLs and still nothing.

@kgunn66 welcome to the KNIME Forum. Maybe you give us a little more context. What operating system are you on, what KNIME version do you want to install the extensions from.

What extensions do you want to install. Do they include some based on Python (they would require a different/additional approach).

Have you tried the .zip files directly. How much memory have you assigned to KNIME (and how much does your system have).

You could give us a few screenshots of your configurations. I assume you are behind a firewll.

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