Unable to load workflow due to missing extensions

I uploaded a workflow onto the server and get an error when executing:

Could not load workflow ‘’: Errors loading workflow ‘Prescription Algorithm v0.105’ due to missing extensions:

Extension: KNIME Base nodes
Nodes: Table Column to Variable, Table Column to Variable, Table Row to Variable, Table Row to Variable

Extension: KNIME Excel Support
Nodes: Excel Reader, Excel Reader, Excel Reader, Excel Reader, Excel Reader

I am using the KNIME Server on AWS (from the Marketplace), and am using the current KNIME AP 4.3.1.


Additional information my current KNIME server version is

Hello @haroldyin,

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You need to upgrade KNIME Server. See here:

Compatibility matrix can be found here:

KNIME Server on AWS documentation is here:


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Hi @ipazin,

I am assisting with the issue above.

Can you please describe the upgrade process for upgrading the BYOL version of the AWS Marketplace?

Is it possible to do the disk-swap upgrade without requiring a new license (since license is linked to instance-id)?

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Hello @philipwigg,

KNIME Server update process on AWS is same as regular server update for on premises KNIME Server so I suggest you follow bottom guide to update from 4.11 to 4.12 version. This way you don’t need new license.


If you swap the workflow repository volume from one instance to another then you would need a new license.

Hope this helps and you’ll manage to do successful update :wink:


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