unable to read all the details from PDF file using PDF parser node

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I am using PDF Parser node to read the PDF File. But the output doesn’t consists of all the details from PDF File. The last column missed from PDF FIle. could someone help me in resolving the issue.

Subramanyam Kinthada.

Hi @Subramanyam

You’re not giving much here for users to work and help you with. It’s almost impossible to say anything sensible right now.

Can you please enrich your post with information like; current input, expect output, what have you done so far, source files (actual PDF), screenshots and most importantly, attach your workflow.


Hi @Subramanyam

As mentioned by @ArjenEX, it is important to provide a minimum of information to help the KNIME community to answer your questions.

However, please do not post here any confidential information as for instance the invoice image you uploaded, nor its information embedded in an uploaded workflow. I do not think the two companies mentioned in this invoice would be happy to know that there business is made public in a web forum.
The uploaded image would have been fine if it didn’t mention the two companies nor any information it could identify them.

I would hence strongly recommend to withdraw your last post and only upload here non-confidential or non-sensitive data.



Hi @ArjenEX, @aworker
MY 4503103920.docx (20.9 KB)

I have attached the sample documents they are not the confidential documents. those PDF files are to test the workflow.

Issue: I am unable to read all the columns from the PDF File.
Automation-IDOC.knwf (131.0 KB)

@aworker – I have an approval to attach the PDF Files. So Please kindly help me in resolving the issue.

Subramanyam Kinthada.

If you could attach a PDF file and not a .docx file, that would be great. Thank you!

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@Subramanyam if it is about the tables in the pdf you could try the R package tabulize like in this example:

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