Update all required extensions

As mentioned in Update to 4.2 there is no automatic update to KNIME 4.2.
So this means that I have to reinstall all extensions again.

Do I really have to go the nasty process of

  • Loading a project
  • getting the error message “extension missing”
  • install extension
  • restart KNIME
    and back to the start until I have all previously installed extensions identified?

Or is there a more convenient way for the full installation of all the extensions?
That would be very helpfull and appreciated.

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In addition you may need to add updating sites for extensions like Palladian or Nodepit


Hi @knimediger,

before you uninstall previous version you can retrieve a list of installed extensions like this: Knime Extentions list - Did i miss something? and then in new version install all at once. But it would be very cool if installer (which uninstalls old version) keeps this list and upon first time starting new KNIME version provides you option to install these extensions…



Thanks @ipazin,

That will hopefully reduce the efforts the next time.

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We can already import/export preferences (which I noticed doesn’t 100% work actually) but same for extensions would be helpful. Like the yml files for conda.

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I cannot agree more! THIS feature is well needed and will save a lot of time upgrading as well as reducing headaches for all in our team.

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