Update to 4.2

Unfortunately, coming from 4.1.3 an automatic update to 4.2 is not available (yet).

What’s the best way to update without losing the workspace and installed extensions?

Hey @tommy,

As mentioned in the last section of this page, due to changes in Java runtime (updated to and Eclipse (updated to 2020-03 / 4.15), updates from previous versions of KNIME Analytics Platform via the KNIME update manager are not supported.

You have to install the new version. Your workspace should be safe but extensions need to be reinstalled.



Hitchhiking on this topic and your post (my post is directed at the knime guys not you), I have to say these recent updates have become rather inconvenient having to reinstall knime that often lately. Makes sense for major versions but ever minor version? I guess it’s security fixes in java?
I wonder why you are still using Java8? Couldn’t knime profit from all the improvements in more recent versions? If we have to update the JRE and hence full client anyway, why not to newest (free) java?


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All very valid points and we looked at updating to the latest Java version as part of the last release cycle but there were issues that we couldn’t resolve in time. Java 8 is supported and still widely used (and the latest version is also accepted by Apple’s notarization program – that was one of the pain points in 4.1.x). The problems with Java 11 (which is what we’d like to switch to) are mostly around the target platform and compatibilities of some of the underlying libraries KNIME uses, e.g. Eclipse BIRT.

Working on it …

– Bernd