Update Extensions for KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1 - Changes

Dear Community Developers:

The official release for KNIME Analytics Platform is planned for July 17th.

We were in contact with you through our mailing list on March 6th (if not, this might convince you to sign up for it, please write a short email to community-contributions@knime.com) regarding the upcoming KNIME Analytics Platform release 5.1.

To ensure your extensions work with KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1 you will need to

  • increase the maximum version boundary for all your KNIME dependencies to 6.0.0 in the MANIFEST.MF files of your extensions. Take a look at this example on how to do it.

Additional steps for Community Extension Contributors:

If you are a developer of an experimental or a trusted (soon: verified) extension published on our community update sites, please help us to update the build of your extension on the Community Jenkins:

Additionally, from KNIME AP 5.1 onwards, we will only support building extensions on the Community Jenkins with Maven. The legacy Buckminster does not work with Java 17, which is required for KNIME AP 5.1 support. If your extension still uses Buckminster, take a look at this guide on how to change it to Maven: https://github.com/knime-community/community-repository-template/blob/master/Converting_from_Buckminster.md.

Any further questions or help required? Please ask in this forum thread or send us an email!

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I am sorry, the official release date is planned for Wednesday, July 19th.

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I am following the instructions from GitHub to setup the KNIME 5.1 (Release 2023-07 branch) Eclipse IDE environment (based on 2023.03), but when I launch KNIME 5.1 (still nightly build) out of the IDE based on the KNIME-AP.target (which is supposed to be a minimal setup) I am getting an empty KNIME application window without any KNIME panels. When using the KNIME-AP-complete.target (which brings in a lot of plugins, but takes longer to load) it is working fine.
@steffen_KNIME, could you please post the list of crucial features required for KNIME 5.1 and also update it in GitHub branches (master for nightly build as well as 2023-07 for 5.1 release) so that the minimal setup starts working? Thanks!

Update: It has something to do what features are installed when the workspace gets created. Once it is created when running the full set of features, it looks also good when the minimal set of features is used. There must be one particular feature (different from KNIME 4.x) that takes care now of creating the proper perspective in KNIME. Wondering, which one it is…

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Same issue here - adding the following on top of KNIME-AP.target did the trick for me. Probably not even all are needed, but it’s Sunday and I don’t want to dig deeper.

<unit id="org.knime.features.base.views.feature.group" version="0.0.0"/>
<unit id="org.knime.features.explorer.view.feature.group" version="0.0.0"/>
<unit id="org.knime.features.product.feature.group" version="0.0.0"/>
<unit id="org.knime.features.ui.feature.group" version="0.0.0"/>
<unit id="org.knime.features.util.feature.group" version="0.0.0"/>
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Hi @manuelschwarze,

as we two discussed, it is

<unit id="org.knime.features.ui.feature.group" version="0.0.0"/>

which was missing.

Thanks also to Philipp for providing a fixup. Sorry, I should have informed the community earlier here.

KNIME-AP.target on master branch will soon (tomorrow?) be is up to date, branch 2-23-07 will follow shortly after.

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Any update on the release date?

Do you have new release data?

Any way to default 5.1 to use the classic interface ?


KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1 is out, see in the forum: Announcing KNIME Analytics Platform 5.1

Please ask further questions not related to this topic in a new thread :slight_smile:


For extensions that require an update as you described, how long do you anticipate the change will take? The KNIME Image Processing - Tess4J Integration is not available for 5.1, will it be available or is there an alternative extension?


For a general overview of which Community extensions

  • are already available for 5.1.0,
  • will soon be available and
  • are not available anymore,

please have a look at the changelog:

We are currently in contact with the maintainers of the “soon available” extensions and hope that within the next weeks all of them are available in 5.1. The changelog will be updated.

Best regards


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