Update to v1.23.0 - More Plotting (View) Nodes

We have just updated our nightly build to v1.23.0. This update adds a number of new plotting nodes, based on the JFreeChart integration in KNIME:

  • 1D Kernel Density Plot
  • 2D Kernel Density Plot
  • PMI (Principal Moments of Inertia) Kernel Density Plot
  • Kernel Loop Start (allows looping through different Kernel Estimators to investigate their effect)
  • Notched Boxplot

We believe this takes the number of currently active, released nodes to 200!

Please let us know of any problems you encounter with these nodes - we intend to transfer them to the stable builds in the coming weeks.




That box plot looks nice!


Thanks @Aaron_Hart! It’s based largely on the description at https://sites.google.com/site/davidsstatistics/home/notched-box-plots - I got bored of trying to produce them in R! The picture doesnt show it, but you can also colour the box outlines and whiskers


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Yes, I know the feeling!

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