Stable builds (3.7 and 4.0) updated to v1.24.2

The stable builds for KNIME v3.7.x and v4.0.x have now been updated to v.1.24.2. This rolls in a number of previous updates containing new nodes, enhancements and bugfixes as below. The new nodes are a mix of general utility nodes (such as the Trim Table and collection-handling nodes), plotting nodes of wider interest (1D & 2D Kernel Density plots, Notched Boxplot) and PMI-related cheminformatics nodes.

New Nodes

  • ‘Trim Table’
  • ‘Principal Moment of Intertia (PMI)-Derived Properties’
  • ‘PMI Triangle Scatter plot’
  • ‘PMI Triangle Convex Hull Plot’
  • ‘1D Kernel Density Plot’
  • ‘2D Kernel Density Plot’
  • ‘PMI (Principal Moments of Inertia) Kernel Density Plot’
  • ‘Kernel Loop Start’ (allows looping through different Kernel Estimators to investigate their effect)
  • ‘Notched Boxplot’
  • ‘Empty Collection to Missing’
  • ‘Missing to Empty Collection’
  • ‘Collection Size’

Deprecated Nodes

  • PMI Calculation


  • Moved all Collection-related nodes to a new folder in the node repository ( Community Nodes -> Vernalis -> Collections )
  • Adds knime: url protocol support to the Read Variables and Write Variables nodes

Bug Fixes

  • Corrects File chooser in Read Variables node to show ‘Open’ rather than ‘Save’ and not show ‘Info: remote output file will be overwritten if it exists’ warning
  • Updated EPMC Query Node to use v6.2 of api - ‘query’ has been changed to ‘queryString’ in response XML
  • Corrected bug in Plate Nodes resulting in Well ID columns returning Row IDs
  • Fixed bug in file reader nodes resulting in loss of final newline combination if no characters follow it
  • Fixed bug in file reader nodes resulting in conversion of all newlines to unix-style ‘\n’

The last two bug fixes may make minor changes to the output of some nodes. See Update to v1.24.2 - Minor bugfixes with change of behaviour of some text-based reader nodes for details.


The following posts provide full details of each update rolled into this one


v1.24.1 & v1.24.0




Please do let us know if you find any problems,



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