Update to v1.24.1 (includes 1.24.0)

We have just updated our nightly build to v1.24.1. This rolls in v1.24.0, which was unannounced due to issues pushing the test cases for the new nodes to the public build server, but was referenced on the forum at Feature request for the Missing Value node.

v 1.24.1

  • Adds knime: url protocol support to the Read Variables and Write Variables nodes
  • Corrects File chooser in Read Variables node to show ‘Open’ rather than ‘Save’ and not show ‘Info: remote output file will be overwritten if it exists’ warning

v 1.24.0

  • Added Empty Collection to Missing node
  • Added Missing to Empty Collection node
  • Added Collection Size node
  • Moved all Collection-related nodes to a new folder in the nodee repository (Community Nodes -> Vernalis -> Collections)
  • Updated EPMC Query Node to use v6.2 of api - query is now queryString in response XML


As always, please do let us know if you notice any problems