Update to v1.36.7 - Bug fix for PDB Connector during KNIME Start-up

We have just updated the Vernalis community contribution to v1.36.7. This is a minor bug fix release - details below. It is available on all releases from KNIME 4.7 onwards (including the nightly build)

A number of users have reported to us an error in the console log during start-up relating to the inability to create various nodes from the PDB Connector family. The nodes in question were the original versions of the PDB Connector, and the slightly later PDB Connector (XML Query String) nodes. Both these nodes were deprecated in 2020 when the new PDB Connector node family was introduced to use the new RCSB.org RESTful API, along with all the other legacy PDB Connector nodes. Their functionality was unable to be ported directly to the new nodes, and so the nodes simply threw an error during either configure or execute stages. Unfortunately, during some subsequent code clean-up to remove a lot of redundant classes relating to these nodes, the actual node classes themselves were also removed for these 2 “original” versions, which caused the errors. Those classes, in their minimal “error throwing” form have now been reinstated in this release.

NB The functionality of any current PDB connector nodes was not affected by these changes



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