Updating an Excel file in Knime

Hi All, am new to Knime and currently using it for a project. I have a workflow that reads excel files and saves to a database, However, I would like the database to have only only new data from the excel file which is updated regularly. Is there a node that could help me to achieve this?

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You can use the DB Merge node as suggested in this topic - there are also some example workflows linked there.



@michael_o in addition to what @LukasS suggested you might want to take a look at this thread about UPDATE and MERGE. I tried to construct an example where new data gets entered into a database in several loops.

From what I understand you might have to clearly define what your scenario is and what you want to do with your data.

  • update existing IDs with new data from all or several lines of your Excel files
  • insert new data into the database

or both? Or do you not want existing data to be altered?


Thank you, for your reply. My aim is to have the updated and recent data added to my database. My data is read from a URL which is updated frequently. With my current workflow, I only have stale data with no updates in my db.

For instance. I have 4 data rows in my db. By next week, checking the csv files from the URL shows that the file now has additional 2 data rows but this will not be updated in my DB unless I manually reset my nodes. I hope this explains my problem.

@michael_o to be honst I still do not know what you want the system to do. Maybe you could take a look at these two examples and see if you can use the approach or you might provide us with a sample workflow or data that would represent your challenge

If you want your workflow to run automatically, you’ll need KNIME Server. In KNIME AP you’ll have to manually reset and re-execute the nodes.
There’re workarounds though, see this post for more info:

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