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Does one have to download and do a fresh install of every new version of Knime, or is there a way of updating the current version (of Knime itself, not just the extensions).  For example, is there a Knime ppa for Ubuntu?  I have a very slow internet connection here in rural South Africa, and it's a real pain to have to download new versions of Knime PLUS the extensions I use every time I want to update. 



No need to download and start again:

File -> Update KNIME

This should check for updates to all your installed plugins as well as core KNIME




Why if I click     File -> Update KNIME      I still have KNIME 2.10.4 version (and not 2.11)?


You may have to add the new update site (http://www.knime.org/update/2.11/) via Preferences/Available Software Sites first. Maybe several of them (http://www.knime.org/update/store/2.11/, http://tech.knime.org/update/community-contributions/2.11/, http://tech.knime.org/update/community-contributions/trusted/2.11/)

In an 2.10 installation File->Update KNIME should prompt you if you want to update to the new release. If the prompt doesn't show up, then likely your internet connection is not working properly. Also the Welcome page should show you a message about the new release. There is not need to enter the new update sites manually.

It was in my installation. But then it wasn't a real installation but only an extracted zip, my welcome page is set to "quiet" (because I haven't found a way to get rid of it completely yet) and as the update did screw up my workspace, there may have been something wrong anyway, maybe because of some past hard restarts. (Not Knime's fault probably. Eclipse just has the issues you would expect from such a complex piece of software.)

Thor and Marlin, thank you.

My (unzipped and not installed) Knime version 2.10.4     File->Update KNIME       doesn't prompt me if I want to update to the new release. First I have to add the url http://www.knime.org/update/2.11/ in  "Preferences/Available Software Sites". 

But even in this way I receive the error:  "Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency".

I receive the same error if I download the version 2.11 and I try to download other Knime Extensions. I have the same problem with 2 different PC running on Windows 7.


Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency.
  Software being installed: KNIME Nodes to create KNIME Quick Forms (org.knime.features.quickform.feature.group
  Software currently installed: KNIME Big Data Extension (Hive Connector) (com.knime.features.bigdata.hive.feature.group
  Only one of the following can be installed at once: 
    KNIME Core Utility Plugin (org.knime.core.util
    KNIME Core Utility Plugin (org.knime.core.util
    KNIME Core Utility Plugin (org.knime.core.util
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: KNIME Hive Connector (com.knime.database.hive
    To: bundle com.knime.licenses [5.0.0,6.0.0)
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: KNIME Big Data Extension (Hive Connector) (com.knime.features.bigdata.hive.feature.group
    To: com.knime.database.hive []
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: KNIME Licensing Infrastructure (com.knime.licenses
    To: bundle org.knime.core.util [2.5.0,5.0.0)
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: KNIME Nodes to create KNIME Quick Forms (org.knime.features.quickform.feature.group
    To: org.knime.quickform.nodes []
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: KNIME Nodes to create KNIME Quick Forms (org.knime.quickform.nodes
    To: bundle org.knime.core.util [5.0.0,6.0.0)

You need to update *all* installed components at the same time. If the addresses of the new update sites are not entered automatically (whichis really strange) then you need to enter them manually and then perform an update. Here are all new adresses


The error message you have pasted indicates that you have the 2.10 version of the big data extensions installed and now you want to install the new Quickform nodes from 2.11. Usually you cannot mix extensions from different KNIME versions.

Can you also check whether in your 2.10 installation in File->Preferences->Install/Update->Available Software Site you have the location http://www.knime.org/update/2.10 enabled? If this is not the case then this explains why you don't get get the notification about the new release.

Thank you Thor.

I have the location http://www.knime.org/update/2.10 enabled but unfortunately I have to manually add http://www.knime.org/update/2.11 in order to do the update. But this is not a big problem.

Concerning the different versions, cliccking    File->Update KNIME       and selecting all the update, I get the error "Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency".

I hope that the update automatically manages the versions of extensions otherwise it becomes difficult to update the software every time. How can I remove the old extensions?

Thank you very much.

It will automatically manage the dependencies if new versions of all installed components are available. It seems you have not added all required update sites from the 2.11 release.

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