Upgrade to 4.4.0 did not migrate extensions

When I upgraded to version 4.3, all my extensions were migrated to the new edition. But, when I upgraded to 4.4, this did not happen. Can I fix the problem all at once, or do I have to do it for each of my hundred or so workflows?

Hi @dataminer_1

If you know some of the plugins you had installed, you can directly install them via File → Install KNIME Extensions and don’t need to open each workflow. Otherwise, the extensions mostly contain multiple nodes, so that you would only have to do this process a handful of times to cover all nodes you were using in your workflows.

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By the way, his happens, as version 4.4 brings large under the hood changes (in particular a newer Java version) and requires a new installation, rather than just changing out a few files.

When I update do my Workflow groups get transferred? My Environment (Workflows,Groups,Python Setup,…) So far I kept 4.3 because it stated I need to remove the current installation and I wasn’t sure whether I need to backup everything first otherwise it is lost?

Hi @Daniel_Weikert

I’m glad you asked. Your Workflows and Workflow groups should remain fine, as well as anything else stored in your workflow directory. However, Python settings, configurations of the GUI, and other preferences are stored in the programs folder and would be removed.
You can export these preferences under File → Export Preferences… and then import them into the new KNIME version.

It is also always possible to grab our .zip download file (Download KNIME Analytics Platform | KNIME) and extract that e.g. onto the Desktop to test, before uninstalling the old KNIME version.

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Thanks @marvin.kickuth for your answer. I really want to try your new release but without knowing it was too risky.
Is there a documentation on what the preferences file contains/saves?
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Hi @Daniel_Weikert , to minimize the risks, if you grab the zip version as suggested by @marvin.kickuth , you can have both versions running without having to remove the old version.

You can then compare and make sure that everything works to your liking in the new version. Should you not be happy about the new version, then you can continue with the old version.

On the other hand, if you are happy and settled with the new version, you can get rid of the old version.

Thanks both of you. I guess you are right. I guess it’s just my experience with Tableau where I have 10 differnt versions at the same time installed(a little exaggeration) on the system and it drives me nuts because I often confuse versions so I rather have only one :wink:
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Hey @Daniel_Weikert , it’s definitely not the ideal situation. If you do go with the suggestion of having the 2 versions, hopefully you can test relatively quickly and settle with 1 version only asap.

On my side, I’m staying with 4.3 at the moment as it seems like it would take some time to do a migration to 4.4, and I’m not ready for this yet. I might also not have enough resource to run 2 Knime installations at the moment.


Hi @Daniel_Weikert

as far as I know, these preferences together with the workflow directory contain pretty much everything the user can change.

The only exceptions I’m aware of are

  • installed extensions (to view them: Help → About KNIME Analytics Platform → Installation Details)
  • changes made to the knime.ini startup file (e.g. max RAM usage: -Xmx)

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