Urgent need for data evaluation

Hello Knime Forum,

we have been introduced to the forum by Marvin Kickuth from the support team.
We would urgently need a data evaluation with some prints for a bachelor submission.
Could anyone of you help us on this on commercial base.
We would estimate the workload with about 2-3 hours.

Any reply would be helpful for us.

Kind regards



Welcome to the forum.

You might want to provide a little more explanation for the type of work required. There are people on the forum with a wide range of skills, so understanding what is required may help to direct you to the right person. You might also want to include some mechanism by which people could contact you directly if they do not wish to disclose their interest on the forum. I would suggest something like a LinkedIn profile or some other third party messaging system so that people can connect and message you.

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Hi @Yulia_hm and welcome to the Knime Community.

You can also post under the Job Board in the forum:


I have moved this to the Job Board thread on behalf of @Yulia_hm , as @bruno29a suggested.


I need to test with SVM and logistic Regression one workflow. You can compare any parameters, you need to provide graphical images of the algorithms actions. And at the end make certain conclusions based on the obtained statistical data. Who could help me. Thanks

Hi Job Board,

we need somebody for a short, but very urgent, data evaluation for a seminar work.
The topic is: Analyse & Prognose in Knime for Hotel and Logist. Regression and SVM. T
All data are available and will be provided. We assume a time amount for the work of about 2-3 hours. The payment for the work including the required data sheets will be € 500. The timeframe is very tight and we would need the result by Wednesday morning.
Hope that somebody is available and willing to help.

Kind regards


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Hello, I have knowledge on the subject, and I think that in the time you give me it is appropriate to do it, I just have a doubt, you need someone who speaks English, because my native language is Spanish and I only know how to communicate through it

Hi @Yulia_hm -

Since there were two topics from you about the same request on this board, I went ahead and combined them.

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If it has to be done in KNIME there is the data explorer - though you might want to specify what the exploration would involve.

Otherwise you might want to employ a Python package like pandas-profiler or sweetviz where you find examples here:

For a quick machine-learning overview I would suggest to take a look at this collection with examples for regression and other targets:

The regression collection contains a Weka “SMOreg - support vector machine for regression”. You might want to clarify if you have a binary or a regression target or both.

@Yulia_hm if these hints go in the right direction maybe you can elaborate so someone might find it easier to take on the task - which @Melilla0704 thankfully has offered (with the language deepl.com might help which often has superior translations compared to google).

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Estimado Melilla0704,

la comunicación no es un problema, para nosotros es importante que alguien haga la evaluación y que podamos usarla. La comunicación entre nosotros puede ser en español.
¿Harías el trabajo por nosotros en poco tiempo? Creo que es mejor comunicarse por correo electrónico. Mi e-mail es:
Gracias, eso nos ayudaría mucho.

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