Version 4.2 and dark workspace - partly unreadable

Hello all,
I just installed 4.2 on MacOS and after start KNIME is in dark-mode. Very nice, except for the Workbench. Due to the dark background node descriptions are unreadable. Is there a quick fix for that?

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how did that sneak in?! This has to be a side effect of upgrading the underlying Eclipse version.
You should be able to fix it via a click on the “Restore Defaults” button in the “Appearance” settings (KNIME → Preferences → General → Appearance).

I will open a ticket and see how we handle this option.


Thanks for this advice, this works - bot without dark mode … it’s ok :slight_smile:

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This issue got fixed in version 4.2.1, which was released yesterday.


Thank you for this information :slight_smile:

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