View option in Version 5.0

View option is not at all good in version 5.0. Right click is useless in most of the places. When we execute a node, it doesn’t provide complete view like it used to provide in older version. We get a small place at the bottom to view partial output which sometimes is not enough to understand the output. Kindly help in knowing how to make right click (editing) option more better in version 5.0?

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Hi @elluranand2401 -

Would you mind providing your feedback on version 5 in this thread? The developers are watching it closely:

Dear Sir,

Just wanted you to know that I had to switch back to older version because it was highly inconvenient to view the output in version 5.0. Right click options were almost nil for several functions. And the tabs which were present in older version were missing in version 5.0. Most frustrating thing was not able to view the output in the manner it was possible in older version. Output must be very convenient to view, at least like in older version.

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