Visualising points on a graph

First, thank you guys for answering questions quickly, most appreciated :slight_smile:

We have time series data for trading. It contains (1) a column with the price (double) and (2) a column (integer) with indicators for buying (1), selling (-1), or staying in position (0). We know that the price can be visualised as a line using a Line Plot node. But what we need is for the same plot to also highlight clearly the days with Buy/Sell indicators.

For instance,


Here the columns Price and Indicator are highlighted. We could use Line Plot with x axis set to “Date” and y axis, but the Line Plot node is not suitable for showing the buy/sell indicators. We were wondering which view node can show the price on each day and also the indicators Buy (1) on 11 Jan 2024 and Sell (-1) on 23 Jan 2024. For example, overlay a circle on the price line where the indicator =/= 0, eg green on 11/Jan and red on 23/Jan? Would a scatter plot help or do we need to overlay two views?

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Hello @harrytuttles,

you can do it with Color Manager and Line Plot (Plotly) node:

Give it a try but might be you won’t see these dots very well so choose your colors wisely. And make sure not to check Override colors option in Line Plot node :wink:



Thanks for the tip guys. Very useful.

Playing with Plotly’s line manager, I’ve checked the box “Enable link to Plotly editor”, clicked the link, and lo and behold… Where have you been hiding the Plotly Style Editor?! So many examples, videos, tutorials on visualization, and I’ve never seen this powerful and versatile editor mentioned anywhere.

Plotly is very useful. Thank you guys.

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