Vlookup into existing column

Hi All,

I am new to Knime and I am trying out the vlookup function. Found a few videos and managed to do it but with only 1 problem.

Here is a short version of my left column:

Product Code Description BU Delivery date
CRF-33344 C 2/5/2021
CCF-9840 C 6/11/2021
CBC-239 C 9/4/2021
GTF-991 G 1/25/2021
GCB- 409 G 1/8/2021

Right table:

ERP number Description
CRF-33344 left Ring
CCF-9840 screw XS
CBC-239 screw L
GTF-991 bonder
GCB- 409 Repair XS

My left table already have a existing empty column description and I want to vlookup right table’s description to my left table.

I used the joiner node but the result came back it created a new ERP number column at the end.
How can I let the result go to the description column?

Hello @Yu_C,

there is no such option with Joiner node or any other. Ideally this would be nice add on for a Cell Replacer node (not joiner node in my opinion). Especially in case when your target column is not empty and you want to preserve certain values. It was discussed here as well:

In your case if your column is empty simply add new Description column and you can use Table Manipulator node to filter/sort/rename your columns if that is the issue.

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Hi @Yu_C

The key here is:

Is it empty for all rows or only for a certain amount of rows. If it’s the latter, then @ipazin answer applies. If it’s the former, you can control this with the joiner directly meaning you always pick the description from right table.

You exclude the description from the left and include the one from the right.


Thank you Ipazin for your reply!

I tried this node but i do not see the option to rename.
tried double click or right click not possible as well. Please guide me!

Hello @Yu_C,

there’s New name column in the middle. Either double click on this this field next to the column you want to change or just select it and start writing. To be honest I get confused sometimes as well as for some reason it’s not that intuitive :slight_smile:


Ohh!!! Thanks I totally didnt catch that XD

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