Web browser for startup and Component layout not working


Some weeks ago, the greeting screen, which seems rendered by the selected web browser, stopped working on my OS (which is Manjaro Linux, an Arch derivative). I can select the embedded browser and Firefox in the settings and both work for displaying “normal” web things, like the JavaScript nodes and Components. Only the greeting (not too bad, if fixed in some time) and the Component layout does not work.
For the layout editor, the browser does not only not render anything, it asks me to select the location to save the HTML file with a “browse location” popup window.

If you have any idea how to fix this, would be great. An exact list of needed dependencies would be useful as well.


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Hi @julianu,

Thank you for reporting this issue, this seems to be caused by the latest version of GNOME (42.1). This issue started to appear after I updated to Fedora 36.

I recommend installing and using CEF browser extension to display Java Script views. This should provide the best experience.

While we are working on a fix for this issue, I can already offer you a workaround for the welcome page, you can disable it with the following parameter:



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