Webinar: Visual Workflows for Data Science Teaching (December 2, 2020)

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We have launched a recurring webinar about data science teaching with codeless, visual workflows in KNIME Analytics Platform. In this webinar, we not only cover the challenges of teaching data science and the advantages of visual workflows but invite lecturers and educators to present their own experiences using KNIME in the classroom.

Feel free to join us for the next webinar on December 2 and forward this information to colleagues who might not have heard about KNIME or the benefits of teaching with visual workflows.

There is also a discussion topic where will post answers to the questions that come up during the webinar:

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Thx for organizing the webinar. It was really useful!


Thank you @pavlina04! And please excuse the delay with sending out the follow-up: We had some technical issues that are fixed now and we’ll send them out later today :+1:

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