Webportal Parameters in URL


I’d like to set some parameters in Webportal (new version) Workflows with URL parameters as described here.

Though if I try to overwrite a default value with e.g. &pm:integer-input=1 the workflow does not start. Full URL is like this:

I’ll attach a test workflow for you to check if there is a problem with the workflow itself.

Thanks in advance!

TestParam.knwf (16.4 KB)

Hi @lindig,
I think there may be a small problem with the current handling of the pm parameter: You must add the node id to the URL, so it is: /webportal/space/path/to/workflow/TestParam?exec&pm:integer-input-2=1
It should work without that, though, so I will open a ticket.
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Hi @AlexanderFillbrunn,

thanks for your reply.
It still doesn’t work after adding the node id.
Also when I open the API definiton of the workflow both of the Configuration Nodes are not recognized as Input Parameters. Is this the normal behaviour?
In the old Webportal all of that used to work with the legacy Input Nodes.

which version of KNIME Server are you using? I am on 4.11.2 and it works with https://localhost:8443/knime/webportal/space/TestParam?exec&pm:string-input-9=test,integer-input-2=2. The table shows the values from the URL.
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We’re using 4.11.3 with Distributed Executors.

You say in your first post that the workflow fails to start. Is that only when you explicitly pass variables via URL? Does it work if you just use https://:8443/knime/webportal/space/TestParam?exec? Additionally, what is the error message? The config nodes also do not turn up in my Swagger documentation, but the workflow call in the browser with parameters works regardless.
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yes, with just the ?exec it executes fine with the default values. When I pass the params the Job gets created but remains in a failed state. When I try to access the Job the message says “Job is in an unexpected state”.

Hi all,

we fixed this problem for our 4.12. release line. In 4.11. you need to use the fully qualified names, including the node number.



In this case the int and string are the values as defined in the respective configuration nodes.