whitespace in excel headers

Hi dear Knimers,
I want to write a workflow to extract headers from excel sheets. my problem is, KNIME strips any whitespace characters from the beginning and end of column names. so after loading the excel sheet I lose my leading space in headers!
Is there any way to switch of this function in excel reader node?
many thanks in forward

@markfeder welcome to the KNIME forum. You could try and use the “Enumerate columns” to generate new column names, force the columns to be imported as strings and see if that would help. You could then set the column names

Or you could just add the blank later …

As a general remark: leading blanks in column names sound like a no good, very bad idea …

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Hi @mlauber71 thanks for quick response!
“Enumerate columns” does not help unfortunately! Excel reader node automatically strip any leading space!
Is there any other way ?
many thanks

your solution work thanks a lot

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