Why does the xpath node get incorrect data in the Indian language?

Why does the xpath node get incorrect data in the Indian language?
How can I make the solution?


Is there someone to help with this? :thinking:

Could you provide a sample of data that shows this symptoms and could you tell us what it is you want to do. Best would be a small workflow where this phenomenon shows up. I am not an expert in language encoding but often it has to do with choosing the right encoding, which often results in selecting UTF-8.

KNIME_example_.knwf (34.0 KB)

problem with “xpath” does not look correct words in Indian words

I changed the HTML parsing and retrieving part to some Palladian nodes and used your XPath definition and now it might work (although I cannot read the words).

Maybe you want to check if this is what you need. Make sure you use UTF-8 as encoding.

kn_example_xpath_indian_words.knwf (198.0 KB)


The problem on the sample you made has improved. But although I made the general settings “UTF-8”, the original workflow did not improve. I don’t understand why it’s happening.

I’m going to edit the sample format you’re doing.
Thank you for your help and support :+1:

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I am not exactly sure why it works, the original workflow gives a warning that you should use the nodes I changed because URLs are deprecated from the HtmlParser. Not sure if this is why there is a problem.

Glad that it now works.

WARN HtmlParser 0:39 Input of http(s) URLs is deprecated. Connect an upstream HttpRetriever node and parse the HttpResults instead.