Why nodes are different colors?

Hi! I suddenly have a question, why each node color is different? is there some meaning to classify?

Hi @albireo

Yes the colors have meaning, they are used to classify the node types:

  • Red: writer nodes nodes, like
  • Yellow: general data manipulation nodes like:
  • Orange: reader nodes, like:
  • Light blue: Loop control nodes:
  • Light green: Model Learner nodes, like:
  • Dark green: model predictor nodes, like:
  • Brown: Utility nodes, like:
  • Blue: Visualization nodes, like:
  • Gray nodes are components, see here for more info on them: KNIME Components Guide

  • Purple nodes are scope manipulation nodes, like

That should cover all types, as nodes can have multiple functions, these colors are general guidance not hard rules, a yellow node could for example also offer a view. But they give you a good idea what kind of operation a node does.



I didn’t know how many colors are there. Because I have used usually nodes orange, yellow, green, and blue color. That is really interesting because all colors are in sight.

Thank you Gabriel!

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Hi @albireo,

I did not even know how many colors there are until I made that list for you :smile:


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