Windows ODBC Data Sources

Is there a node available to leverage Windows ODBC Data Sources > User DSN in KNIME?

I have a specific configuration for the Simba Hive ODBC driver that currently works, and I would like to use in a KNIME workflow.

I know there is a Hive specific Big Data node, but at this time I am not interested due to my existing User DSN setup on my system. TIA.

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Hello knimeuser25,
starting with KNIME 3.x Windows ODBC data sources is no longer supported out of the box because the required JDBC-ODBC bridge has been removed from the Java Runtime starting with version 8. For more details see this forum post.
You can either use the build in Hive Connector or buy a commercial JDBC-ODBC driver which is available from different vendors such as CDATA. For more details on how to setup the Hive Connector node see the Big Data Extensions User Guide.

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