Workable font size

According the KNIME AI assistent the font size can be modified in the Preferences - General - Appearance und Color and Fonts.

BUT there is no Appearance in General. OR I am unable to find it.

I consider this as a bug.

And btw, the Font Size Issue is now outstanding since at least 2015 - so close to a decade.
By not being able to change (increase) the general Font size KNIIME is not practically usable.

Please let me know if either 1) I am making a mistake 2) this is a bug an by when it will be corrected and by when we can expect a solution to the font size issue.


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Hi @kludikovsky

It’s present in the old UI. I think the instruction given by AI assistent are based on that.

Thanks for replying.
But non of these have any effect on the Description Window on the right hand side in the old GUI.
my Problem is less the Canvas ist more all the Settings and especially the Description window. Apart from the background color in some areas (Console eg.)

That’s what I also learned the hard when looking into it :rofl: So we need a KNIME dev or someone who actually managed to do it to jump in.

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You are right.
But I am wondering that the company does not work on this as this is a major obstacle on using this app. If I can’t read the Information, its difficult to work with it, and when its difficult I will avoid working with it.

Or there are just some script kiddies working there, who all work an 15,4 " display with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels and a font size of 8 pixel. :joy:

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Hi guys -

I’ve asked someone internally to take a look at this thread (and this related one: Font files not found by Description Browser). Sorry for the delay, I’ll let you know what we’re able to find out.

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