Workflow / Workspace Repair or Platform Migration Assistant

Good morning,

I frequently run into issues causes by Windows limitations like file path length warnings / errors. This time, because a Windows Updated again messed things up, I ran into user rights / permissions issues.

Using cmd and running the following command as admin ICACLS * /T /Q /C /RESET highlighted the aforementioned path lenght issues but also brought some files from another OS (Macs hidden files starting with a dot) to surface.

Documents\Knime-Workspace\Customers\FOLDERXYZ\FOLDERXYZ\.Data Harmonization (Auto-Save Copy - 2018-10-19 15-45) (Auto-Save Copy - 2018-10-25 11-37).autoSave\Magic (#777)\Loop End _Column Append_ (#657)\port_1\r0\r0\r0\r1\ The system cannot find the path specified.

Sometimes Knime creates extremly long path containing dozen of folders like "\r0\r0\r0".

Now, it is not quite clear if these errors can be savely ignored or not. Having a process in place to verify workspace or workflow integrity which could also get executed manually on demand, respectively a process to cater for platform changes, might be useful or at least reassuring that everything is ok.

Though, when a platform change happens i.e. because of restore / recovery, like when paths change from “/” to "" or from “C:” to “/”, it would be great to to not have to re-execute all workflows but execute whatever process to keep all results.

Maybe I am wrong here and there are already background processes in place.