Workspace synchronizing in the cloud

Context: a Workspace was created in a folder located in a Sharepoint synchronized by OneDrive.

Problem: slow synchronization of the folder was observed, it took half an hour to synchronize a Workflow in the cloud containing a single node and documents in Word and Excel if synchronized quickly. The Workflows worked well although they took a long time to synchronize but one day a Workflow appeared like this:

And before it was like this:

Question: is there a way to be able to synchronize the Workspace or the Workflows automatically to a cloud service, because the need is to be able to have a backup in the cloud and to be able to use the Workspace from different computers that have access to the cloud site.

Another option could be that as soon as the Workflows are executed, they can be backed up automatically in the cloud.

Note: something similar has been done in Google Drive but this has not had any problems.

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@christianlondon you may want to take a look at these two threads:

A simple backup system might look like this:

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If there was one thing that I could change about KNIME, it would be the way that files are handled. Workspaces that mix program info and files are extremely unfriendly and limiting. I would heavily prefer a more standard portable file approach where all program info remains sandboxed in the program folder.

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