Write to excel template 4.7.1 error that right?

Hi everyone.
Is it true that the Write to Excel Template node-version 4.7.1 is experiencing an error? Last time, I had a question about this node and decided to upgrade to a higher version (my current company does not allow the use of 4.7.3, only 4.7.1). When I use it to create a new file with the overwrite function, it encounters an error. I have tried it on different machines. What should I do? Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @quangdatitc ,

I can confirm that I see the same behaviour that you are experiencing. (I’m on KNIME AP 4.7.2)

In this case if c:\temp\anotherfile.xlsx exists, the following error occurs, even though the “overwrite” option is set

cc @AnotherFraudUser for help

In the meantime, as a possible workaround, one option could be to include a Delete Files/Folders node prior to the Write to Excel Template:

Even with “fail if delete fails” unticked, this will unfortunately fail anyway if the file doesn’t exist, so you’ll need to enclose it in a try-catch as follows:


Just have the input flow-variable port wired to your existing workflow from the node prior to your Write to Excel Template.


Hi @quangdatitc
Will look into this issue and fix it as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Same thing is happening on my end. My current workaround is to manage the output file by flow variable. That way I can pre-check and delete if necessary, then when writing to that new file subsequent times in the same workflow I set up the other Write To Template nodes to use that newly created file as the template and just write into that new one directly.



Just wanted to add a quick thank you for this node! I had a curve ball with one of my clients that gave me less than a week to design and build custom user friendly interactive budgeting spreadsheets for hundreds of locations with all of the basis values and user settings pre-filled so that they were 90% done before any adjustments. This would have been impossible without your node. Thanks!


Dear @takbb @AnotherFraudUser @iCFO

This community is truly amazing, and I wish I had known about it sooner. Thank you for the enthusiastic help from all of you.


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