XLS Cell Formatter for Excel-recognized Date format

I am exporting the data into an excel file that is then being read by another software. That software is looking for a cell that is excel “date” formatted for processing. When I use the XLS Cell Formatting node to adjust the cell with the date in it, the cell formatting when I open the export file in excel is of type “custom” and can not be read by the other software. Any suggestions on a way in knime to get this cell formatted to excel type “date”?

Also having to do a convoluted workaround for the XLS Formatter (apply) only accepting String for the file path and not Path.

I think you can do the latter with the Path To String node. However, I do not know, why it changes the initial file format.

That’s the easy part. Problem I ran into was that I was using it in loop and it doesn’t overwrite the variable and was instead adding a unique tag (#1) to the end of it. This made it more difficult to reference inside internal nodes.

I can’t see a difference, but is there any difference as to what field type you start with in knime before converting to a date format for excel?

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