XLS Sheet Appender Doesn't Show Columns Headers correctly

When I set up my excel Reader it shows the column headers as shown here.

Once my Workflow completes and ends with the Excel Sheet Appender (Apply)
The Columns Show the headers as A, B, C D, E ,F etc… and my headers are in Row1 in my excel spreadsheet.


Excel column names are always A, B, C… (or numbers if you enable R1C1 notation).
So the original file has column names in the first row. You used the first row as column header as I can see in your first screen shot.
In the append step you wrote column header in the first row, like the original file.
It’s right!
I don’t understand the problem.
Can you explain me, please?

Yes Column Headers start out as A, B, C but you can replace them with Names.
Sush as A is replaced as Master_ID, B = Names, C = Address_1 and D = Address_2

I never stop learning.
I will search a solution for you… and for me! :blush:

Can you explain me how can you replaced letters with names?
Can you paste a screenshot of your sheets with these names, please?

Hi there @sgilmour,

as @pigreco said “Excel column names (headers) are always A, B, C… (or numbers if you enable R1C1 notation)” and there is nothing KNIME can do about it.

Closing topic.