XLS sheet appender shortens output sheet name


I noticed a very irritating bug at the xls sheet appender node.

I have some files with which I do something in a loop and at the end of the loop I want to append it to an xls sheet with the xls sheet appender node. For this I use a Java Snippet node with wich I define the name of the xls file and the name for each sheet dependend on the name of the file that the loop is working with at the moment. My files are named like this:




and so on...

But the xls sheet appender node shortens the sheetname. When my loop ends I have an xls file with only one sheet named "this_is_my_test_file_n...". As the id number of each file is at the end of my sheetname and he shortens this, it overwrites this one sheet everytime.

I have attached a shortened version of my workflow which should show my problem.

Is there a parameter for this that I can change? Or is there another way to solve this?

Regards, Julia


Hello Julia,

This is actually not a bug.

The maximum length of sheet names in Excel is 32, but the node cuts it intentionally at 25.

Comment in the original code:

max sheetname length is 32 incl. added running index. We cut it to 25


Hi Ferry,

ok, I don't get the sense behind the limit of 25, but with this knowledge I will put the sheet ID in front of my sheet name so it will not be overwritten ;)

Thank you.


Hi Julia,

My guess is that there is the possibility that an index is added and the remaining places are reserved for those indices. For example if you try to write more than 65k rows into a single xls file the XLS Writer probably creates multiple sheets with a running index.


Addressed with v4.3.0. See here:

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