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Hello all,

with my last topic JSON dynamic array search I’m able to extrac my needed data form XML files. Thanks again to @mlauber71 and @Andrew_Steel for their support!
Now I have the problem that sometimes a XML node is missing and I have no idea how to handle that missing node. To run a If Switch Node I try to detected the missing XML node with a rule-based Row Filter Node. Here are the corresponding screenshots

and the closer look into my metanode

Has anyone an idea how I can handle the port switch for the IF Switch Node with a Flow Variable?


The IF Switch node requires a flow variable with values of “top”, “bottom”, or “both”. You’ll want to make sure your Rule Engine Variable nodes are generating flow variables with these specific values. (And then of course you need to make sure that flow variable is correctly applied!)

Hello @ScottF

I try to do this with the Rule Engine Variable Node. If the table is not empty the flow variable should be “top”. If the table is empty the flow variable should be “bottom”. How can I merge this two outputs from the Empty Table Switch to one flow variable?

Oh sorry, I missed a critically important bit of information, didn’t I? :man_facepalming:

Instead of the Merge Variables node, try a CASE Switch Variable (End) node, since it doesn’t care about whether particular input branches are inactive or not.


Perfect! It works!!!

Thanks for your great support!



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