3 questions on filters & components

Hello all, hope you’re having a great day.

Picture for attention/understanding mostly:

Within my flow, I would like to:

  1. Filter the data by
  • Cluster (a group of country) and/or
  • Country
  • Date (year) and/or
  • Date (quarter) and/or
  • Date (month)
  1. Some filter conditions above are interdependent (i.e. a Cluster will contain a set of countries)
  2. Combine my filters and graphs in a component

I am trying to understand how “Nominal Row Filter Widget” works, however I am facing difficulties to:

  • Combine in a component nodes that are in different “position” in the flow. Ideally I’d like to have my filter conditions on top and the result below.
    • In the image above I had the items in the blue box as a component, I tried adding the Widgets but it didn’t work.
    • I am also exporting the data as excel which is why I placed my filters before the pivot (excel export not shown in image)
  • Manage interdependencies between filters. In my example, a Cluster will contain a set of countries and i’d like to avoid having to select both (one should feed the other). Likewise, if I select a year then I shouldn’t have to select the matching quarters or months.

For some reasons I haven’t figured out how the slider works (and many things in KNIME yet) so any help or pointers would be much appreciated.

Hi @Jerome_G,

that is a rather complex set of questions also because they all correlate to each other. Let’s try to answer one by one.

Data Clustering
Did you try to categorize the data by using any of the binner nodes

You could also, incase you want to exert more control, use a Table and Value Lookup or Rule Engine instead.

Filter data
I suppose, based on the context, you want to do this dynamically in the interactive view. To accomplish this you need to use a GroupBy to create a set of values, pass this as aa variable to a filter node and map the variable. This must be done in a component.

Combine my filters and graphs in a component
Just select the nodes in question, right click and select Create Component.

If you’d share your workflow, providing aid would be more efficient.


I have an example of such a dynamic filter on the KNIME hub

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hi both,
thanks for the feedbacks, I will look into it.

Mike: No I did not use any Binner nodes, those are new to me, I will explore that.
I haven’t shared my worflow as I would need to extract the nodes and anonymise some notes, I didn’t do this when I raised the question.