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I know we have personal and public spaces… can we also save workbench settings? Similar to other app that have desktop and Web integration. Adobe Creative cloud for instance let’s you not only save your content to your cloud account from any desktop application you are logged into to… but also your local app settings… so when you login you get the customizations you setup every where you login. Also similar to Google Browser login… customizes your browser with extensions and backgrounds, bookmarks and tracking etc


Thanks for the suggestion, I think this is a great idea!


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I’ve just uploaded a component which makes turns the top row of a table into a header since I couldn’t find a neat way to do this after import.

From a KNIME Hub community ease of use perspective, should I have it uploaded as a component, or open it out?

Someone has reached out to me saying that he can download the Workflow knwf from my hub post " Blender_Integration_Map", but can’t run it because it doesn’t include the Data directory.

By going up a couple of levels, I am able to download the knar which has everything. What instructions should I give him to be able to do the same?

Hello @Vexatious_Outlier,

Component seems well suited for this use case. For more on making top row a header see here.

To do same as you did - go couple of levels up and download entire knar. Additionally you can put all data in data folder within workflow directory and then by downloading workflow, data will be downloaded as well (see here). Otherwise you can write note (in annotation box or workflow description) which data is required and how to obtain it in order to successfully execute workflow.