AttributeError: module ‘keras.optimizers’ has no attribute ‘Adam’

I am getting an error when running the “Keras Network Learner” on KNIME. It gives the following error:

ERROR Keras Network Learner 6:16 module ‘keras.optimizers’ has no attribute ‘Adam’
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 7, in
AttributeError: module ‘keras.optimizers’ has no attribute ‘Adam’

Will appreciate if anyone can help me fix this. I am really not sure which python file I should be looking into, to fix the issue with importing the modules for the training process, as that is what is hinted by the error above. Thanks in advance!

I guess Adam is a class not an Attribute so you need to call it (instanciate it)
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If you use KNIME (no python script) you probably should share your work here to get help

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@akhtarameen as it happens I just have collected some example how to set up Keras and Tensor Flow 2 (for classification tasks) with the help of the Conda Environment propagation.

If you have a working Miniconda or Anaconda environment configured in KNIME you should be able to just use the propagation and get a working deep learning setup.

You would then have to carefully check and plan what you want to d with the setup and what architecture you want to use.

The setup in the KNIME preferences would look something like this. You can generate a deep learning environment here or try to let the Conda environment propagation do the job for you once you have a basic Miniconda running (regardless of the Python version).

The same thing should also work with Tensor Flow:

If you just want (some) Deep Learning without configurations and Python you can just force AutoML to do the job :slight_smile:


@mlauber71 ,
Have you experienced any benefits in using KNIME instead of scripting the python code directly?

@Daniel_Weikert I think like it is so often the case KNIME provides the platform and the workflow. You can do a lot of things just using Python but KNIME makes it easier to integrate that with other functions.

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