Calculo TIR (IRR)

Hello, good afternoon, I present the following query on how to calculate the IRR for my workflow, look for information in the forum and find material, but I think it does not suit my needs or functionality. I explain in detail the requirement:

I present a database with 10 thousand credit records which I need to calculate the IRR for each record. Currently I calculate them manually using the following attached file called (CAEV revision) which I only have to manually enter the data in the following fields:
Revisión CAEV.xlsx (12.6 KB)

Total prepaid cost
Pending deadline
Quota value
Capital credit balance

Then automatically the excel called (CAEV review) generates the IRR (screen print is attached)

A database called ‚ÄúSample Base‚ÄĚ is attached where the fields to be used to calculate the IRR for each record are:
Base Muestra.xlsx (1.7 MB)


Thank you very much for the support and help in my query

Hello @Pedro87
There are a couple of solutions already discussed and shared in the Forum:

  1. the KNIME component by @Residentstiefel
    IRR Calculation with KNIME - #11 by Residentstiefel

  2. The R script solution that I shared:
    R Script _ Calculate NPV - IRR and XNPV - XIRR workflows


PS.- The file that you shared is showing own names, and if no mock names it would be breaching some data protection regulations.
I would suggest to use encrypting techniques for the private data and rewrite the post again. This one could be kindly removed by the admin team if you will.

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Hi there, new verified components came out this month.
Take a look at this message from a similar thread.

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