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Hi, I saw that 2 years ago, KNIME said that they would deliver the ability to change the default font size for the dataset preview view… was that project completed? If yes, how do you change the default font size for this? Here is the link to the previous discussion on KNIME Server that I found –

Changing font sizes - KNIME Analytics Platform - KNIME Community Forum

Hello rrembert3,

You can increase the font size of the output table by going to view → Increase font size :


Let me know if this is what you are looking for or you still have any issues.


This is my workaround. However, I want to have the default font size increased. Meaning, each time I open KNIME Analytics Platform, I do not want to have to change the font size.

Hi @rrembert3 ,

Maybe at the knime’s preferences you can change it.

Try to go at General topic > Appearance > Colors and Fonts.

Then, see the basic and View and Editor Folders options.

There have a lot of stuffs to change the interface… Just look “font type info” and Edit it.



Do you know which option in the Colors and Fonts menu controls the table view that k10shetty1 showed in his video? I tried modifying a decent amount of the options, but nothing I did changed the font size of the preview table.

I didn’t find it too… the optout view didn’t chance any options that i tried.

Let’s wait @k10shetty1 answer about it too.



Hi folks -

This is an issue we have a ticket for (AP-17241) but most of our UI development lately has focused, as you might imagine, on the new interface in KNIME 5.0. Changing the default font size is still not possible as far as I’m aware.

Let me see if I can get any more info about this. I can’t promise anything as far as a timeline goes - or even that this gets updated at all - but I can check.

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