Compile knime-core?

I see that the knime-core is an open-source repo and was trying to compile it using mvn clean install but got an error related to the maven-feature-branch-extension not being found.

I’ve tried to Google for this extension but haven’t had any luck. Are there any docs on how to compile the knime-core application? I’m interested in making some changes and testing it locally.

Also, my initial question may just be wrong. I really want to know how to make a change to the Knime application and compile it.

Hi @abdel_e,

Have you looked at our quickstart guide?


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Hi @gab1one, thank you for your reply. Looking at the thread you suggested it doesn’t say how to compile the knime-core app.

I want to be able to modify the application and rebuild. For example, I’d like to add a new menu item to the Help menu that says Hello World. How can I compile the app once I’ve made that change?

To get to the Hello World extra menu stage, you can just start a debug session as described in the quickstart guide. If you want to to create a KNIME AP that you can distribute you need to follow the instructions in this thread: