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I would like to use the node “string to date & time” to convert a date of format yyyy-mm-dd into the format dd-mm-yyyy. I get the following error: “Execute failed: Failed to parse date in row ‘Row0: Text’ 2018-12-17 'could not be parsed at index 2” Can someone give me a help?


As I see, the date format you have selected doesn’t match your data. Click on “Guess data type and format” or choose yyyy-MM-dd as date format and there shouldn’t be any problem anymore.

Also I have found some topics similar to your issue. Maybe you’ll find them helpful:



Put your scenario in a workflow. The Date manipulation is done with several KNIME nodes. One might also do that with a Java Snippet. With Date fields it is always the question how to store them, either as strings that can universally be stored and loaded or as UNIX timestamps or with the internal KNIME format. You always have to be careful. In a lot of Big Data storages the standard format for dates is:
yyyy-mm-dd a lot of programs can interpret that as a date format and even do calculations with it. Be sure to always check your results because date formats and operations can be notoriously tricky, even if you do not throw the whole localisation and timezone stuff at them.

kn_example_date_string_format.knwf (71.5 KB)


Thanks for the workflow. I built this into my worklfow and created the date in the desired format.
Thank you very much.


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