Covid cases - histogram plotting by age groups

Dear Knimers.
After a lot of work in preprocessing some files with Covid data (with the Knime Community’s help), I got one file (grouping cases (almost 6800 rows), 1 city and month by row). Each row is described according to some (categorical or numeric) variables: Municipality, Year and Month, Number of cases and Incidence; Number of Hospitalizations and Hospitalization rate; Number of Deaths and Lethality Rate.
Now, I need to plot those stratified data, in order to graphically represent Covid’s distribution along time. I tried to use some of Knime plotting nodes, but I need help to understand what is still missing on my node configurations. I also
Can someone help me?
PreprocessMesAnoTaxasParaPlotNoForum.xlsx (295.7 KB).
Thanks for any help.
B.R., Rogério.

@rogerius1st you might want to find a suitable example with python Matplotlib or Seaborn (or R ggplot2) that can be adapted to your needs with a KNIME component:

The new KNIME 4.6 has the necessary python packages integrated so they can be used without additional installations.


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