Deep Learning with Keras and TensorFlow -- Troubleshooting

I ran into a catch-22 situation here… I have tensorflow 2 but it seems like Keras relies on tensorflow version 1.X as well as the Deep Learning requirement of TensorFlow 2… any recommendations here?

@rrembert3 I think the current implementation of Keras and Tensorflow of KNIME would maybe need different settings. The setup can be tricky - you can extract what combination KNIME recommends and try to recreate that the best you can.

My current solution is to use different Python environments for Keras and Tensorflow. But I have not worked on that for some time. So you will have to explore. I have some examples here:


hi @rrembert3 ,
my dl installation on 5.1,
for keras setup

-python 3.5.4
-keras 2.2.2
-tensorflow 1.10.0
-numpy 1.14.2
-pandas 0.20.3
-h5py 2.8.0


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Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately, due to the security policy at my company, it is unlikely that I can download TensorFlow V1.X for any Python environment…

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