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I have a table with two sets of data and I want to display them side-by-side in the same histogram. Columns MW#1 and MW#2 contain a range of values between 100 and 500.
Example excel chart
If I bin on the first column (MW #1) and select the second as an aggregate I just get two sets of identical bars. I can get the histogram to work fine for one data set (i.e. just the blue bars) but I don’t know how to add the second set of bars. I’m sure there must be a simple way to do this I just don’t understand how. Do I need a different node?

Thanks in advance

Hi @MeganL

It is possible to do a GroupBy Bar Chart , when you have your data ordered as in this picture. Maybe you need some other steps to preprocess your data…?

Be sure to check “Align bars with the same label together” in “additional settings”

gr. Hans

Hi there @MeganL,

why would you like to use Histogram node for it? Are those variables discrete or continuous? Anyways you can use both Histogram and Bar Chart node if you have your data in format @HansS showed. Both with Sum or Average as aggregation methods.

If any questions feel free to ask.


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