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Hello together,

to clean up my workflow, I created and shared some components in order to use them several times in my workflow. So a change to this component should also be applied to all components added later, right?
This works for me as long as I have the project open. As soon as I close the project and reopen, I can’t make any more changes to the component due to incorrect input data:
What am I doing wrong?
Or is this the right way at all? All I want is to create a kind of “subprograms”.
Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @Jana_Tuerlich,

You would need to execute all nodes that come before the component, so that the component input becomes yellow.


Hi @ana_ved,

thanks a lot for your answer!

I understand this in general. However, if I save the component as a shared component in my KNIME Explorer and want to edit it by double-clicking on it, then this component is “standalone” for the time being, isn’t it? In this case there are no previous nodes that I can execute.
It is then connected in different places in the program. Am I wrong?

Hello @Jana_Tuerlich,

do you know about KNIME Documentation page? It’s pretty new but already contains quite a number of useful guides. Here is link on Component’s guide Sharing section:

Hope this helps!


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Very helpful, thanks Ivan.

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Is there also a documentation for all the nodes and there variable options (in the variable tab)? Some nodes have so many variable options but unfortunately I have no idea how and where to use them

Hello @Daniel_Weikert,

nop. Think that would be a bit too much. A flow variable name should be pretty self explanatory so you can map it to configuration setting. However you can use this trick to figure out what value is behind some configuration filed so you can assign proper value to flow variable which is supposed to control it.

And if that doesn’t work or something is fishy you always can open up a topic :wink:


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