Flow Variable Names

I recently asked a question about where to place a flow variable name in the Numeric Outliers node. A kind Knimer answered my question. However, I have a more generic question. I very often have problems figuring out where to place a flow variable name. There’s usually a big difference between the description for a hard wired variable and the equivalent name for its flow variable. Is there a trick I’m missing? See the following example.

Hi @rfeigel

Guess who’s back :laughing:

Hack modus on:

Go to any node → open the flow variable section → fill in random numbers in the text box that is located after the variable and run the node → open the node preview → switch to the Flow Variables tab → bingo.


Hopefully this will save you some time in the future!


AAAAMazing! How did you ever figure that out? Thanks very much!

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